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Welcome to my very-simple-web-1.0-tired-of-social-networks home page!

Reach me at: pau.arumi [at] barcelonamedia [dot] org (Please do not use my former mail)

I'm a pre-doc researcher at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and software developer on 3D audio at Barcelona Media, in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

My interests include multimedia processing, dataflow systems, agile methodologies and open source.

A brief self introduction would be incomplete without the fact that I love python, both the monty and the language; and, not hard to guess, I do like cats (except when they repeatedly bit my toes insanely early in the morning on sundays!)


(New) I find it hard to believe but I'm finally defending my thesis next Tuesday 30th 2009. The title is: Real-time Multimedia Computing on Off-the-Shelf Operating Systems: From Timeliness Dataflow Models to Pattern Languages. Find the thesis document in this page.

Open-Source Projects

The big one

Clam, the audio framework.

Some facts:

Smaller projects


parumi at cia, parumi at ohloh, parumi at sourceforge, parumi at linkedin, Pau Arumi at facebook


My blog at wordpress.

Also syndicated in the planet clam.


Debaser my indie-music band. Pretty inactive last years.

Sometimes I play the bass with Guillamino and Mazoni.

Here you'll find some videos of Guillamino band performing at PopArb festival.

Also co-produced/mixed some Bankrobber records:


I'm currently working on a Phd thesis on multimedia data-flow systems.



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Linux Audio Tutorials

Audio Engineering Society (AES) 2005 Linux for Audio tutorial

International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) 2005 Linux Audio Production a 4 hour hands-on tutorial.

"Personal Computer & Internet", spanish best selling computer's magazine, 2005-2006.